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5 Impeccable ways to Celebrate Mothers day during Lock Down and make her feel Special

5 Impeccable Ways To Celebrate Mothers Day During Lock Down And Make Her Feel Special

Mother’s day is just around the corner and you would’ve planned so many exciting things. Maybe a grand buffet meal or a movie together to surprise your mother and let her know the deep love and respect you have in store for her. 

But all of a sudden, corona has just made your thoughts and a lot of things around topsy turvy. We are going with such hard times that you cannot even buy something for your mom at online stores. 

Relax! “The YEAR 2020” has been the most merciless and shattered everything so badly that many of us are not being able to celebrate the best days of our life. But, some days are remarkably special and mother’s day tops the list. Thus, we should not let anything stop you from celebrating it, even if it’s corona.

Implement these 5 impeccable ways you can follow to make this mother’s day more memorable despite Lock Down

1. Give her a walk through memory lane:

Prepare a video by amalgamating photos and videos captured at diverse moments in her life and make her retrieve all those beautiful moments she had been through. You can ask your relatives, friends and dear ones to send a byte saying the best things about your mom. Later merge all those videos and present it to your mom. 

2. Buy an Online Subscription:

Everybody will have a fascination to learn something, be it playing a Casio or singing or dancing or anything. As technology is ruling the world, you can figure out many online platforms offering online

courses for homemakers to learn their interests at home. So, on this mother’s day know your mom’s interest and give her an online subscription.

Ohh! hang on! If you are worried about money, we got you covered. Take an instant cash loan from us and stay happy. 

3. Cook her Favorite Dish:

In this lockdown, mothers are relentlessly working more than anybody in every home. So, let us give her a break on this mother’s day and cook her favorite dishes and feed her. c’mon! just get to the kitchen and get your chef’s hat on and flip those nicely chopped avocados in the pan. Enjoy the smile on your mom’s face while watching you making food for her with loads of love.

4. Pamper her:

A Mother strives day and night at home to maintain family and feed delicious food. During this process, they forget about taking care of themselves. Why don’t you arrange a manicure session or a facial massage to let her know that you care for her? or you both can talk with each other while having a foot bath.

5. Bake a Cake:

Yes! we are in the lockdown period and it is not possible to step out and buy a cake. So what! you can bake a cake at home. Just open the internet and there you can figure thousands of cake recipes you can follow and bake a delicious cake. 

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