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Hacks To Gain Financial Freedom

Your monthly expenditure, attitude towards money and transactions of your bank account tells a lot about you as a person and also about your mental health.
Mental health is all about healthy thoughts, balanced emotions, and right actions.
A person with good mental health will always make sensible financial decisions resulting in stress-free lifestyle.
Mentally strong people never face circumstances where they fall short financially

Keep a track of your money

Spending money is a compulsive action for few people. The amount of money they earn versus they spend can be quite an anxiety-provoking. Budget planning should be according to their needs instead of wants. Don’t unnecessarily be a part of fancy budgeting spreadsheet, keep it mellow!

Don’t be involved in an unhealthy competition/ improve your career value

Most of the degrees are not going to give you a six-digit salary right away. You aren’t going to make huge money overnight. Be ready to work remotely with the startup’s who are ready to give you chance. Use free online resources, and make advancements in your career and salary.

Don’t be just a consumer, be an investor

The world is full of consumers and not investors. Want to build wealth? Investment is a must. There are great investing strategy in the market, but to have a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) of your own is a big step towards financial planning and freedom. This allows you to free up a couple of hundreds every month and put it to use as an additional income in future.

Pay yourself first/ Downtime gratification

Make sure you have no late payments on your bills, or you are not the one who uses “I have my bills due” very often. The right fund will always be taken out leaving the savings behind. Also, justifying your purchase by affirming that you deserve it will lead you to overindulgence. Be your exciting trip or the latest gadget you wanted to buy wait until the time is right.

These are the few tips which will not immediately but gradually help you build healthy habits for a stress-free life.
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