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How Dhirubhai Ambani taught us the most important lessons of life

Dhirubhai Ambani famous Indian Entrepreneur, business tycoon, Legendary Bussiness Leader, Creative Mind, all these terms are still less to acknowledge his brilliance. A former student of Junagadh’s Bhadhur Kanji High School, who once lived in a one room chawl¬†in Mumbai is now ranked amongst the list of world’s Richest man by Forbes with an estimated income of $2.9 billion in 2002.

This man with the vision of dream big has taken India very far and is also a true inspiration for us an individual.There are his few closets which will give a fresh new start towards life.

1.Never fall short gathering information, whatever it maybe – Government, local, state, central, products, companies, market, services, people whatever it may be, welcome it all.

2.Seek opportunities, not fortune- In a famous quote by him “There is no invitation for making profits” You always have to find them. Convert all your information to productive profit-making opportunities.

3.Master your work and always take next step- No matter what your work is master it all. and always be ready to jump to next orbit, higher orbit.

4.Meet your requirements on time- Always have timelines and make sure to perform your task within defined duration. Constraints and complexities should not affect you.
Beat those deadlines!

5.Don’t change the rules, change the way they rule us- The statement itself says it all. Don’t just let them restrict the creative you in you.

6.Take risk When we stop taking the risk, we stop experimenting and even eventually stop living.

“If you don’t build your dream, Someone else will hire you to help them build theirs”

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