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How Quick Credit Stood By Millennials During This Lockdown?

Quick Credit Stood By Millennials During This Lockdown?

The lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic has appallingly affected social life, human-life, and various businesses. We as Millennials have got this opportunity (sarcastically) to witness a dreadful virus which our predecessors haven’t witnessed. The lockdown has troubled and caused turbulence in every individual’s professional and as well as personal life across the world. We are currently running in the fifth month of lockdown after COVID-19 hit our country. In the utmost public interest, the Indian government gave a call for Entire nation lockdown and shut every public and private sector’s operations running by the time. 

The evolving technology has contributed a lot to this world and stood as the sole reason for development in every sector. Fintech is one of such innovations of technology that redefined people’s way of banking and transactional modus operandi once and forever. Earlier it was almost impossible to make transactions if the banks were closed as there was only one way. Then, people used to get locked up in every way if they faced any financial emergency during odd hours. By taking all these factors into consideration, fintech platforms have evolved in the year 2015 by taking every banking and transactional facility to online.

Many online websites and applications like Paytm, PhonePe, GPay, Instant cash loan etc are some of the reputed platforms which allow people to perform banking and transactional practices like peer-to-peer lending, bank to bank(internal or external) banking, online payment, QR code payment, flexible money lending. All these come under the tremendous contribution of Fintech to this tech drive world.

Using these services everything has turned so easy and convenient. Now people can happily order their favorite food during midnights and make payment online using fintech digital payment facility. They can order any product or good even on international websites and effortlessly make a payment with prevailing advancements.

As you all are aware that the government of India has announced lockdown on March 25th across India. Fintech technologies have unswervingly supported people during this terrific combat against Covid-19. Being unable to order groceries and foods, access online entertainment or connect with friends and family through video calls, indubitably that many people would have to project outside on a much more daily basis. Indeed, online platforms that we can shell out through fintech are now practically helping every industry. Thus, people who have self-isolated themselves would leverage from these fintech services to the best possible extent.

Most middle class people in our country do not keep backup money due to many reasons like insufficient income, excessive monthly maintenance, multiple EMIs etc. Thus, people get worried when they face any financial emergency. On top of that if a crisis like lockdown comes up, the situation would become more miserable. The multinational companies have instructed their employees to work from home by keeping their safety in front. After some period, some companies have discontinued their operations, which eventually made employees workless. Since working professionals rely on salary for everything in life, they went helpless as there is no other go.

QuickCredit is an online fintech platform established in the year 2016 and we are offering credit to working professionals against their salary. QC offers monetary support in various categories like Instant cash loan, Salary advance loan, Skill loan and Travel loan. The growth of QC from inception to till date is just exceptional. There were just 5 employees when QC was launched and today, they are operating across India with more than 50 employees.  QC offers its services through its website and mobile application where consumers can approach for monetary assistance 24/7.

How Can You Avail Instant Cash Loan In 1 Hour Amidst COVID-19 Testing Times?

More than 10 million clients visit QC everyday and over 8 million consumers have utilized QC services till date. QC has always been ahead in this highly competitive industry when it comes to utilizing technology to simplify our service delivery and make consumers feel comfortable. In order to give swift response to the consumer queries, QC has implemented Artificial Technology and complex algorithms to read and assess the details of the loan applicant. So, the client would be quickly answered and notified without any waiting time.

The rush of visitors was enormous right from the day one when lockdown was announced in our country. The team QC has been working extremely hard round the clock till today to make sure not to miss a chance to help any person who needs money. Although team QC is working from home there was never a day when a person was left unassisted. All this happened because of a firm commitment of the QC team and a strong conviction to standby people who are in need of money to survive in these hard times.

These are such hard times where you cannot even ask friends and relatives for money as they were facing the same consequences. On top of that it has been extremely hard for people (specially working professionals) to earn money during these tough times; people were approaching QC to get monetary support. Though banks are open in the permissible working hours, they would only offer cash loans when the applicant’s profile meets the eligibility criteria.

QC does not consider credit score while instant cash loan to applicants, thus, people having low to zero credit score can also apply for instant cash loan at QC. The QC never expects any additional charges on loan approvals from the clients.  The loan application process in QC is so simple and easy- as soon as the clients register themselves in the login page, be it in QC website or mobile app, their application for instant cash loan would be assessed within moments and replied back quickly. Once the client is declared eligible for the loan, our team would approve the loan and disburse the cash on the same working day.

A dedicated account manager would be assigned to every client to assist at every step. It gives us immense pleasure and pride as we have helped many people during this lockdown and stood by them to rescue.

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