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How to Choose the right Instant Loan App during the Lockdown?

Instant loan app during the lockdown

Did you remember when was the last time you were in a desperate need of instant loan during the lockdown?. As you are well aware that, Lockdown has created enormous turbulence in everything around us and, especially, the MNC sector was terribly shaken by the lockdown.

Every individual irrespective of their financial condition was affected by this unpredicted calamity in some or the other way. Thus, the sudden scarcity of money inflow, an individual might need instant money to defend themselves during an emergency, especially, when you are an individual with a moderate monthly income.

Moreover, the lockdown has made things so hard for everyone that they couldn’t even offer financial support for their near ones as they had to look for themselves and their family.

Well, banks and financial institutions were kept shut by the orders given by the government in the best interest of the public. So, thankfully with monetary services going online, accessing an instant cash loan has turned out to be a matter of minutes.

When you have a cash crunch, it gets hard to manage home rent, EMI bills, and monthly expenses and that is the time when you might need an instant loan to surpass it.

What Should You Consider While Choosing An Online Loan App?

With each passing day, the ratio of online loan apps is increasing like anything. So, when you have so many options for one requirement, it gets hard for you to choose among.

Before fixing to an online loan app, one should look for certain factors in them like genuine customer reviews, agreeable interest rates, how long they’ve been serving, quality of service, technology integration, user rating, etc.

Well, the customer satisfaction rate is one thing you should always look for before going with an online loan app. Here’s is one of such leading online money lending platform you should probably think about,

QuickCredit is one of the leading fintech platforms in India offering credit to working professionals against their monthly earnings. QC was established in 2016 with a team of 4 members and today, it has grown to be one of the biggest Fintech platforms in India with its footprints in many cities across India.

Till today, more than 8 lakh borrowers have acquired monetary support from QC and over 1 million visitors visit us every day. During the lockdown, we used to get many visitors every day who were in desperate need of money.

The QC team has worked relentlessly from home to make sure that every individual gets financial help. Here are some incredible features of QC with a detailed elaboration.

Why Should You Consider QuickCredit For Instant Cash Loan During LockDown?

Fast Disbursal – An online loan app would be the best option when you need money instantly. Every step of a loan application in an online loan app will be swift and quick. If we talk about banks or conventional financial institutions, they would require so much time from the applicant to assess and approve the loan.

Thus, this approach won’t help the needy as the need for money is instant. Whereas, if you download QuickCredit, the loan application would be assessed using artificial intelligence technology which will conserve a lot of borrower’s time and approves the loan quickly post document analysis.    

No Collateral and Security –  To apply for an instant cash loan at QuickCredit you would not have to pawn any of your property or any valuable thing as a guarantee for loan approval. Banks and conventional financial institutions would not approve a loan unless the borrower submits any collateral.

On top of that, not every individual would have properties to pawn, that is why QuickCredit would never ask for collateral.

Instant Disbursal – At QuickCredit, once the loan application of the borrower is approved and everything goes well with the application process, the team would disburse the cash directly into the borrower’s account on the same day of approval. Borrowers are offered with a specific amount of credit limit, out of which they can utilize money whenever they need.

Flexible Repayment Policy – The loan repayment tenure at QuickCredit is quite manageable and compatible with every working professional capacity. A borrower can repay the acquired loan amount within 30 days

No Documentation and Physical Verification –  Generally, for the loan application, banks and pawnbrokers would require documentation to analyze the profile of the borrower. Indeed, the documents also remain as proof of identity of the borrower in the lender’s record.

Thus, documentation is considered to be the vital phase of any loan application. But, during the lockdown, how could it be possible to step out with bundles of documents for a loan as we’re all supposed to maintain social distancing.

Keeping this in mind, QuickCredit has said NO to physical documentation for the loan application, rather the borrower can upload document soft copies through his mobile while applying for a loan. Our expert team will assess the documents and confirm the borrower’s eligibility for loan application.

How To Apply For Instant Loan At QuickCredit?

  • Go to www.quickcredit.in or download our app from the play store. 
  • Register yourself with basic professional and personal details for eligibility confirmation.
  • Once the profile is confirmed eligible for the loan application, the borrower is required to upload documents( in soft copies).
  • If the loan application is approved, the instant loan money would be disbursed to the applicant’s bank account instantly.

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