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How To Get Instant Loan based on Social Credibility

There’s a significant amount of people in India with an inadequate cibil score or bad credit card history, and are still looking for financial assistance from the government but aren’t getting one. And, then comes the unexpected situation and humiliation of asking money from your friends and family. So, the term instant loan comes into picture. Are you eligible for such loans with quickcredit.in and how will you get it?

Here’s the detailed information for those waiting eagerly to know all the essentials related to these loans and on how we evaluate you on basis of your social, personal and professional credibility.

Are you eligible for it?
Yes, in most of the cases borrowers with Indian nationality and age less than 45 and greater than 21 are eligible for such loans, fulfilling the personal credibility. Now, a reliable source of monthly income is very important one, covering the professional credibility of the borrower. Social credibility is the most important as it gives the insights of the person’s daily activities, behavior and relations. An active profile is always on a green tick.

Important tips to keep in mind
– While most of the lenders are willing to count on your credit score, quickcredit.in is not willing any such requirements.

-Look carefully and check how transparent the whole process is.

-Read all the terms and conditions, if any.

-There is no physical verification with quickcredit.in, as we realized the need of completely eradicating it.

-These loans are not for everyone as the interest rates are higher as compared to banks.

-These loans are always for short tenure.

-Delay in payment might lead to a heavy penalty but won’t reflect on your credit score.

Serious Responsibility
Always remember to only borrow what you can repay without further damaging your financial conditions.



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