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How to save every month

In our previous article “Moms: Perfect Financial Role Models” we mentioned how moms make us realize and understand the difference between what you need and what you want. And also planning is always a key factor to make you understand who you are, how you see your future endeavor. Here are few tips to plan your month by the team of quick credit:

1.Budgeting- Most of the time you might not know which way you are going or how your day will be ending, maybe partying with friends or taking out your wife for shopping. For all such uncertain plans, you should predefine your budget in order to maintain your expenses for the entire month.

Increase your saving Graph

2. Cut down excess spending- To start with this particular one you need to look at the past expenses and track where your money is going and then make necessary adjustments.

3.Grocery Routine- This might sound flimsy but important, you can save a ton with few sacrifices and some practices.

4. Reduce Energy Cost- When we talk on this particular topic it somehow takes us to a new level of responsibilities which we as an individual need to fulfill for the society and for our future generation.
Turn off the fans and lights when you are not home!
Don’t just pile up water bill washing cars and pets.

5. Avoid Impulsive Purchase decisions- Always stick on large purchase which doesn’t need to be an immediate decision. Less trip to stores and a few clicks on the web.

6. Make Alternative Choices- According to your monthly budgeting if you already spend a lot so, it’s a smart idea to make alternative choices. Wanted to take her out for dinner and movie? why not home theater and some good home food.

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