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India is celebrating Financial Literacy week, June 5th-9th

Considered, many people these days are facing financial anxiety and are still searching for answers. Regrettably, there are no easy answers for this. Consumers these days are flooded with credit opportunities by various banks and institutions.But, without facts and comprehensions, it’s easy to end into financial troubles.

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Like former times, cash isn’t essentially the only way to purchase. Since when Bitcoin and cryptocurrency were introduced, the way people use payment gateways has changed. Even the way of shopping changed, creating plentiful opportunities to use and drain the credit and much easier way to acquire debt.

In order to educate people more & more and create awareness amongst the people, Reserve Bank Of India is celebrating the week June 5-9 as “Financial Literacy week” across the country starting from Jammu and Kashmir. The main objective behind this is to not only improve the financial behavior of people but also create a sense of Financial Inclusion.All the messages are selected from common man’s perspective and are planned to market at common places like Banks, ATM’s.

Improvement in Financial literacy will have a wise and profound effect on the society pitfalls of debt

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