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Need Urgent Cash? Get Mini Cash Loan At QuickCredit in 20 Mins!

Get Mini Cash Loan At QuickCredit in 20 Mins!

QuickCredit has derived its definition to monetary support through instant cash loans and mini cash loans. Borrowers can get mini cash loan through QuickCredit’s instant cash loan app available on Playstore.

How Mini Cash Loan Works?

You obey to take an amount that you can afford from your preferred lender. The lender would charge interest and other loan terms on the mini cash loan you’ve applied to borrow. As you agree to pay back the loan and the interest charged on it, the lender would confirm the eligibility of your profile.

Later, the borrower will have to submit documents required by the lender to initiate profile assessment considering factors like previous transaction history, credit check, and personal reliability, etc. If the lender gets faith for the borrowers post profile assessment, then the credit limit is released to the borrower.

So, the borrower can use money from the allotted credit limit whenever he needs it. The lender would immediately transfer money to the borrower’s bank account.

What is the Eligibility Criteria To Apply For Mini Cash Loan?

Generally, the eligibility criteria differ from lender to lender as per their target borrowers and lending processor. Understand the eligibility criteria of QuickCredit for mini cash loans from the below mentioned:

  • The borrower should be an Indian resident 
  • He/she should be a Salaried or self-employed individual/business owner
  • Should be aged above 21
Advantages of Applying for Mini Cash Loan

No Collateral :

Mini cash loan is completely collateral-free, which means you need not to submit any collateral to get the loan.

Quick Approval and Fast Disbursement:

When you encounter an emergency, the need for money is crucial. At that point, if the loan approval process lingers on for years, it won’t toil its need. mini cash loan is approved quickly and with minimal documentation at QuickCredit.

Reasonable Interest Rate:

The interest rates on mini cash loans at QuickCredit is quite sensible than most in this cut-throat industry. Hence borrowers would be easily able to handle the interest rates at QuickCredit.

How To Apply for Mini Cash Loan at QuickCredit?

Below mentioned steps are everything you need to apply for mini cash loan online in India : –

  • Before you apply for mini cash loan, it is wise to figure out the service of the lender and their features like interest rates, repayment tenure, customer satisfaction ratio, etc. At QuickCredit, the application process is absolutely quick and easy. The interest rates are quite moderate and there are no hidden charges.
  • As you choose QuickCredit, first check our eligibility criteria for mini cash loan and make sure that you meet the criteria. If you meet the criteria, then start registering yourself in the portal and get your profile confirmed.
  • Once your profile is confirmed for the further process, then upload the required documents. After you upload documents, the team would assess and analyze your capacity to pay back the loan by transaction history, payslips, etc. 
  • Once the loan application is confirmed, depending on your profile eligibility, a credit limit will be allotted. The borrower can use money from the sanctioned credit limit.     
  • The requested amount of money would be instantly disbursed into the borrower’s bank account.

To apply for mini cash loan, download QuickCredit from Playstore or visit http://www.quickcredit.in.

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