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Ways to be a super saver house wife

Indian Economy is becoming tougher day by day. It Looks like India is following Moore’s Law, escalating exponentially. Prices are almost doubling every decade.

In such tough economy, It’s difficult to sustain a family with only one source of income. There are many housewives who are completely dependent on their husbands. Still, they are the manager of the house and one of their primary duty is budgeting.
Here are hacks

  • Control your spend Control overspending
    If you are a shopping maniac, look out for deals and discount. Moviegoer? opt for weekdays. Cut down your shower timings. Keep a check on your electricity and water bills. For e.g. If your monthly electricity bill is somewhere around Rs.2000-2500, monitor and cut down the use of unnecessary resources. Maintain a healthy balance between what you earn and spend.
  • Stay Home Combine Errands When Going Out
    More you are out, more you spend money on diesel, food, purchase etc. Combine errands once in a week to save time and money.
  • Grocery shopping when you are hungry Make a list and stick to it
    No hasty flower and bakery purchase (unless when is there on the list). Big No to shopping with Kids and demanding spouses. Get in and out of the store with your planned budget.
  • With all the of above, chill become aware
    With years passing by things will change and needs will rise. Think of long-term ways to raise funds for the same. Read and research about all the smart investment options available. Become a helping hand.
  • Save, Save, Save Create a financial plan, look for work from home options
    Living life with worries about saving is not a good idea. Instead, have a plan for happy content living. Always save, where you can. If good at writing, cooking, graphics etc, look for work from home options. ” Talent can’t be taught, but can be awakened”

    High-Five! Hope these hacks help you in protecting and enhancing your husband’s and family’s wealthy.
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