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Ways To Prioritize Your Savings || Happy World Health Day

Saving is the most common advice every individual receives, but most of us don’t know how to get there in this sensate materialistic world. Before starting to save money, you should be out of debt. Here are the kickass ways to prioritize your saving, Hope it helps
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1. Create Budget
This is something which you will find mostly on all our blogs because it’s a  building-block towards saving. If you still don’t have a budgeting plan, take some time and make one. Start with tracking your expenses, the source of income and ways to cut down those unnecessary expenditures.

2. Say Bye Bye To All Those Bad Habits
If you have habits like smoking, drinking very often then cut it off immediately. Not only it’s bad for health but also a huge burden on your pocket. If you cut all your drinking bar expenses, you save monthly and a lot on your future medical expenses too.

3. Opt For Automatic Saving Options
Best way to make sure you are saving is to have it automated. If the money is deducted from your paycheck and all you get is what you actually need, is when you don’t up in any dilemma.

4. Make Money With Hobbies
If you are good at something and love doing it, Never do it for free. And whats wrong with making extra money. There are plenty of possibilities, it all depends on what you enjoy. There are plenty of things you can do like Graphic Design, Content Writing, photography etc, choose what suits you.

5.Take Advantages Of FSA And HSA Accounts 
Flexible Savings Accounts And Health Savings Accounts are offered by many employers which help you reduce your income tax liability. Both plans work similarly, Employee determines the amount he/she can contribute to their account. As the funds are deposited into the account on a pre-tax basis, it results in tax liability reduction.

These are the few tips which will not immediately but gradually help you build healthy habits for a stress-free life.
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