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Why this October Is a Paisa Kamao Aur Udao Month!

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In a developing country like India, where middle-class people try every second, every hour, every day to make ends meets. Festival is a big hype. The government uses it to showcase their party promotion, Rich uses it as a medium to exhibit their financial power and Bussiness uses it to make the middle class even poorer. We as an individual fail to understand this, wherever we spend, whatever we do, money is always been taken from poor and middle class’s pocket and been put in rich’s pocket. Here are some scenarios where you might spend a lot and then end up regretting.


1. Navratri
Saving to buy that perfect Navratri dress? but, wait! How is that a saving? when you already have a plan of spending it. Various shopping malls and brands use it as a perfect opportunity to sell you things which you don’t need. Make sure you only buy what you need and avoid falling into instant festive gratification trap. After all, A festival is a way of living life, spreading happiness, filling life space with colors and no way to showcase.

2.Popular Movies
October being a month of festivals is also a potential month for new upcoming movies.
Planning to save? SAY BIG NO to PVRs. A movie isn’t the only thing they are selling, it’s a package with add-on expenses. Interval Food, Cab rides etc. Make sure you end up buying the goodies and similar apparel they used and wore. Don’t fall into the big marketing trap thinking your life is as happy as the movie you saw last night.

3.Big Billion Days
Big Billion Days are the fanciest way to take money out of middle-class’s pocket. You call it lack of clarity or lack of decision making, they always end up buying more than what they need. They buy things not because it’s necessary but because it’s on sale.
Don’t make e-commerce’s 30% off above 3450 promotional strategies successful.

4.Durga Puja
A very popular festival amongst Bengali, decorates Bengal with the color of festive vibes. From food to clothes to decoration there is an extravagance in all. Buy what you will use for long, value for money should be the key for this one.

A very auspicious day in Hindu tradition which symbolizes the victory of good over evil is celebrated with a great joy and enthusiasm across the country. Make sure your Dussera is a victory of saving over expenditure.

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